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La Bee Da Loca


Beekeeping Supplies, Natural Gifts, Honey & More

“The inspiration for La Bee da Loca was always in the back of my mind. When I was younger I worked with the United Farm Workers, I saw first hand what pesticides could do to people, the food we ate, the birds, bees, and especially the earth. The grower’s were thinking of only one thing and that was how to make more money and not worrying about what the fall out would entail. Well we are finding out what pesticides can do to the water tables, to the air quality, the quality of life for people that have to live that life, and numerous other things. We need to educate people that without bees this will directly impact our life as we know it, we need to take better care of what we have, by not polluting our water ways, by respecting our earth and those things that we take for granted, they will not be here forever, we must leave something for our children, grandchildren, and their children. This is my legacy that I leave for mine. Let’s do this together, let’s make this a better place!”  


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