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Air Diffuser

Air Diffuser

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Glass jar and lid are 1" x 1.85" plus braided rope 

Candy Cane - A magical wintery oasis awaits, as exquisite peppermint aromas cascade with the dreamy warmth of vanilla.

Spiced Cider - Orange, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, and ginger essential oils combine for a citrusy and spiced aroma that's warming and comforting - perfect for any fall setting!

Winter Woods - Stroll through a winter forest & experience the aroma of revitalizing pine needles, calming cedarwood atlas, invigorating juniper berry, mysterious frankincense, & earthly myrrh. Stay refreshed & energized by this fresh & woodsy scent!

Unscrew wooden cap and carefully remove plastic plug making sure not to tip or spill oils while doing so. Screw wooden cap back on. Can hang as is, or give gentle shake to saturate cord and lid with oils for stronger scent. Adjust length of rope as needed.