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Plant Markers

Plant Markers

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Important ordering instructions, please read!

1. In drop-down menu please select total quantity of stakes you'd like to purchase, because pricing per unit decreases with higher quantities. Then select exact quantity of stakes you'd like to purchase in the "quantity" box. Example: If you want to order 8 stakes, select "7-12" and then enter 8 as quantity. 

2. Each stake has a maximum number of 8 cut out letters, all capitalized. All names with be singular, not plural (i.e. RADISH not RADISHES). Longer names will be shortened in the cut-out section, however, engraving of full name will be added. Please see examples to left of Watermelon, Strawberry & Green Bean.

3. We can add laser engraving of specific varieties of plants. Please see examples to left of Tomato. All laser engraving will be in lower case letters. 

4. Please email me with the plant names you would like on each stake at orders@beedandy.com 

Made from redwood, a hard wood that is naturally rot, weather, and insect resistant.

The wood is not pressure treated or coated with anything such as polyurethane.

The life span of the markers will vary depending on climate and soil types.

These markers are cut with a laser - due to the heat process the edges will appear darker. 

7" long x 1" wide

Roughly 4mm thick

Letter section is 4" long x .75" tall"

Bottom tip allows 2.75" into ground before reaching the letters